Maurice Goldberg- Dancers

Maurice Goldberg- A Study in the Classic , posed by the Morgan Dancers pubished in Theatre Magazine, September 1923

Maurice Goldberg- Study in Dance Movement, Posed By the dancer, Lena Basquette pubished in Theatre Magazine, september 1923

Maurice Goldberg -Marguerite Agniel,1923

Maurice Goldberg—The Marmein dancers in Odalisques, 1920s

Maurice Goldberg – portrait of Russian dancer Vera Fokina as Salome, Vanity Fair 1920

Maurice Goldberg -Dorothy Lee, 1920

Maurice Goldberg -The dancer Desha in Fokine ballet

Maurice Goldberg -The dancer Ruth Page 1920

Maurice Golberg- Ryllis Barnes Simpson aka Hasoutra, ( Hindu dancer) posing as the snake woman, New York, 1926