Atelier Jacob Merkelbach

« Jacob Merkelbach was the founder of one of the most famous Amsterdam portrait photography studios of the twentieth century on the fifth floor of fashion house Hirsch at Leidseplein Studio J Merkelbach ( Atelier Merkelbach) In the luxurious studio above the fashion warehouse Hirsch on the Leidseplein, he photographed almost all famous Dutch people from the theater world, writers, artists, businessmen and the wealthy Amsterdam bourgeoisie. Taking pictures of Abel Herzberg, André Herzberger, Carel Asser Daniel comme Mata Hari , Fien de la Mar , Théo Mann-Bouwmeester , Willem Mengelberg et Abel Herzberg , se sont fait capturer sur l’album sensible.and many others. His photographs are unique and of exceptional quality. You can see here the galery of protraits  .The personal signature in the design and execution of each portrait, the technical knowledge of the staff and the professional cooperation of the daughter and son-in-law made this workshop a well-running company that, after Merkelbach’s death, could be continued until 1969.


Jacob was born on April 29, 1877 and was the son of John Wilhelm Merkelbach and Maria Antonia van Schaik. His parents had a shop on the Nieuwendijk 57-59, which was sold mainly technical toys, and a fireworks factory in Amsterdam.
The fireworks factory was rebuilt in the 90s of the 19th century to a daylight film. This father did after he came into contact with Lumiére. Financially it was not profitable and father decided to go into all the photography. The case on the Nieuwendijk was an important place for the sale of photographic equipment. Above the case opens the son-father Machiel Laddé a workshop.
This workshop is Jacob works and continues to do so for about 10 years. There he learned the profession. In 1902 married with Josephine Harmsen and get on April 21 1904 they can daughter Maria Antonia (Mies). Later, Mies goes to work in the photo studio.
In 1913 own studio opens on Leidseplein 29, on the 5th floor of Hirsch. In 1924 Mies is working in the studio after she completed training at the Dagteken- Art and Craft School for Girls in Amsterdam. Her work in the studio is to retouch, enhance, and print photos.

In 1932 comes Lambert JM Rosenboom (15 Feb 1905, also known as Bobby) in the company work. Mies married him in 1939.
On February 6, 1942 dies Jacob Merkelbach. His daughter Mies puts the company on, her husband Bobby is arrested in 1941 and the remainder of the war in German captivity. Mies makes this period illegal passport photos in the studio, while the Germans regularly on the floor is due to the anti-aircraft guns on the roof of Hirsch & Cie.
Atelier Merkelbach gets in 1948 the honorable mission to Queen Wilhelmina portraits, one of the pictures the ceremonial of the Queen is.
In the 50’s declining interest in portrait photography. Photography is available for consumers by becoming less expensive devices. This also affects Atelier Merkelbach. In 1969, the company, on April 29 – the birthday of Jacob Merkelbach – lifted. There are 150,000 glass negatives of exceptional historical value. These will be donated to the City of Amsterdam. « by

I made the choice to propose you the photographs which represent dancers or nudes and some delicate portraits

Studio Merkelbach Alice Sally Mary (Lili) Green,1915

Studio Merkelbach Johanna Wittrock,1919

Studio Merkelbach Adriana (Henriette Blazer) Blaaser,1923

Studio Merkelbach Luise Aguste Julie (Luise) Marheineke,1919

Studio Merkelbach Angèle Sydow,1916

Jacob Merkelbach Angèle Sijdow, 1917-19

Jacob Merkelbach, the dancer Claire de Jongh in profile in tight dance pose 1927 – 1928

Jacob Merkelbach, the dancers Menagerie Folmer   and Claire de Jongh with right leg raised 1927 – 1928

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-The dancers Gerie Folmer and Claire de Jongh in a symmetrical pose , 1927-28

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien) Loevendie,1930

Studio Merkelbach Mary Wigman,1922

Jacob Merkelbach Mary Wigman , 1922

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach -Mary Wigman .19120-30

Studio Merkelbach 1920

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien) Loevendie ,1915

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien) Loevendie ,1915

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien) Loevendie ,1915

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien) Loevendie ,1915

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien) Loevendie ,1915

Studio Merkelbach Lydia Lyta ,1915

Studio Merkelbach Alice Sally Mary (Lili) Green ,1915


Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien)- 1918

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien)- Angele Sydow 1916

Studio Merkelbach Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach, Angele Sydow,1916

Studio Merkelbach Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach, Angele Sydow,1916

Studio Merkelbach Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach, Angele Sydow,1916

Studio Merkelbach Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach, Angele Sydow,1916

Studio Merkelbach Margaret Walker,1915


Studio Merkelbach, 1928

Jacob Merkelbach- Josephina Johanna (Fien) de la Mar (1898-1965), 1919

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-The dancer Gerie Folmer .1927

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-The dancer Gerie Folmer, half-legged, with bare-chested, 1927-28

Jacob Merkelbach-Danseres met lichtbol, , 1920

Studio Merkelbach, 1928

Studio Merkelbach Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach, Angele Sydow,1919



Studio Merkelbach Johanna Wittrock,1918


Jacob Merkelbach-naakt, 1925 – 1940

Jacob Merkelbach- Porrtret van Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach als zittend naakt, 1925 – 1940

Studio Merkelbach mies-rosenboom-merkelbach-1913

Jacob Merkelbach (Attributed to) – Portrait of a seated nude, 1915-1930

Jacob Merkelbach- Naked woman sitting with hands held up to a white circle painted been light, 1925 – 1945

Studio Merkelbach Johanna Suers ,1933

Studio Merkelbach Johanna Suers ,1933

Studio Merkelbach Johanna Suers ,1933

Studio Merkelbach Johanna Suers ,1933



Studio Merkelbach 1920

Studio Merkelbach 1920


Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Woman’s portrait with eyes closed on behalf of Film Productie Maatschappij ‘Neerlandia’.1938

Studio Merkelbach Wilhelmina (Mien)-Portrait 1921

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Nola Hatterman, 1922

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Beschrijving A. Roland Holst de Meester , 1927

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Beschrijving Helena Dorothea Catharina .1919

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Fashion photo for ‘De Prijslijst’, Reguliersbreestraat 15-17,1920-22

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Toneelplayer Mien van Kerckhoven-Kling (1894-1966), 1914

Jacob Merkelbach- Mevr. Brandes met sigaret en roos in het haar,1910 – 1919

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Corry Schiller-Italiaander (1886-1971), 1907

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Corry Schiller-Italiaander , nd

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Corry Schiller-Italiaander .1917

Studio Merkelbach 1918

Studio Merkelbach 1918

Studio Jacob Merkelbach Mevr. van Kerkhoven, 1927

Studio Jacob Merkelbach Mevr. Kauffeld, 1926

Studio Jacob Merkelbach Mevr. Meyer, 1927

Studio Jacob Merkelbach Mevr. Jonas, 1928

Studio Jacob Merkelbach Mevr. Dresden, 1921

Studio Jacob Merkelbach Mej. Meijer, 1913

Jacob Merkelbach-Chaja Goldstein tijdens toneelspel,1930 – 1960

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Portrait of a young woman in white dress, 1920-22

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Maria Antonia (Mies) Merkelbach .1922

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Sophie Davids .1917

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Teddy Schaenk, nd

Jacob Merkelbach-Portret van Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach,1920 – 1930

Jacob Merkelbach-Portret van Mies Rosenboom – Merkelbach met witte hoofdbedekking, 1930 – 1970

Jacob Merkelbach-Reclamefoto, voor het atelier van Merkelbach, met danseres Angèle Sydow,1916

Jacob Merkelbach-Portret van Manuela del Rio gekleed in Griekse jurk,1915 – 1930

Jacob Merkelbach-Portret van gesluierde vrouw,, ca. 1920 – ca. 1930

Jacob Merkelbach- Portrait Of Young Woman With Necklace, 1920 – 1930

Jacob Merkelbach-Portret Mies Rosenboom-Merkelbach in blauwe jurk, 1920 – 1930


Jacob Merkelbach- Portrait Of A Woman In A Red Dress, 1920 – 1930

Studio Merkelbach, [Portrait of an unknown woman], between 1919 and 1929, Jos-Pé colour process

Studio Merkelbach divas,

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Fashion Photo with lying model in evening dress, neck necklace and earrings, 1935

Atelier Jacob MerkelbachTeixeira de Mattos, 1930

Atelier Jacob Merkelbach-Margaretha Geertruida (Mata Hari) .1915

Studio Merkelbach 1921

Studio Merkelbach 1920

Studio Merkelbach 1920