Atelier Willinger

Laszlo Willinger Sun of Maurus Wilhelm Willinger  &  Margaret Willinger, Austro-Hungarian photographers who are best known for their portraits of actors of the early silent film era in Berlin.

László Josef Willinger was a Jewish-German photographer, most noted for his portrait photography of movie stars and celebrities starting in 1937.

He was born on April 16, 1909  Budapest, Hungary . Willinger established photographic studios in Paris and Berlin in 1929 and 1931 respectively, and at the same time submitted his photographs to various newspapers as a freelance contributor. He left Berlin in 1933 when Adolf Hitler became chancellor, settling and working in Vienna, where he began to photograph such celebrities as Marlene Dietrich, Hedy Lamarr, Pietro Mascagni, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Max Reinhardt.

By the mid-1930s he was travelling through Africa and Asia before being invited by studio photographer Eugene Robert Richee to move to the United States.

He crossed into the United States at Mexicali, Mexico on December 20, 1937 and resided in Los Angeles, California.

After establishing a studio in Hollywood, California, Willinger became a frequent contributor to magazines and periodicals, providing magazine cover portraits of some of the most popular stars. Willinger was one of the first Hollywood photographers to experiment in the use of color.

In later years, shortly before his death, Willinger was accused of stalking some celebrities of the time, including Charlie Chaplin. An investigation into the matter led to the uncovering of thousands of personal pictures of the male comedy star ( source wilkipedia.)

All the photgraphy are undated, but we can make the hypothesis, since it has settled in viennia in which these date from this time around 1930

Atelier Willinger (Wien). Sonja Georgiewand nd_


Atelier Willinger (Wien).Mara Ziperowitz als Merkur 1925

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Cäcilie Lvovsky nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Dagny Servaes in Turandot , nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Muna Libravic nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Anny Fey Moulin Rouge, Wien , nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Else Köring

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Inge Epp., nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Adele Heid, dancer from Moulin Rouge , nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Les Kervas

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Lily Damita , nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Ly Astra nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) – Anna Bathy nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Karl Farkas in a scene with 2 girls. , nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Ly Horki , nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) – Charlotte Ander nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) – Emmy Kosarynd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Alba Tiberio, nd

Atelier Willinger- Gertrud Bodenwieser 1930

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) – Edmonde Guy, nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Nina Payne 1928

Atelier Willinger, Wien- Nina Payne 1928

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Nina Payne was Mystery Dancer 1916

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Mill Silvano , nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Margarethe Freudenreich Solo dancer of the Vienna Court Opera, nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) – Lore Wigand nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.)-Erna Carise., nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Adele Heid nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Christa de Vignos nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Hilde Wagener as Vasantasena at the Vienna Burgtheater nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Mia Lucka nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Ria Hellwein nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Janka Ladowska , nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Hilde Holger in Grotesk Charleston, nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Miquette Hirmer Members of the dance group Bodenwieser, nd

Atelier Willinger (Wien.) -Juita Fuentes in Madame Butterfly , nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) -Rita Walter, photomontge nd

Atelier Willinger,( Wien.) – Maria Orska nd

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