Girl sitting on blue cloth-covered table, Autochrome [ crop stéréotype] circa 1920

Autochrome girl in blue skirt from waist upwards,, circa 1920

Autochrome girl standing, full-length, drapery in right hand,, circa 1920

Autochrome – reclining girl in blue dress circa 1920

Autochrome seated girl, hands clasped around left knee, circa 1920

LUMIERE sans titre collection Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon © Famille Lumière

Anonyme Nu voilé, Autochrome, Circa 1910

Anonymous- Autochrome Stereo Nude ,1910

Anomymous- Nude woman with necklace, circa 1920 Autochrome

Louis Amedée Mante -Cléo de Mérode , Plaque autochrome, 1885 courtesy of the Library Ethz© Famille Mante

Louis-Amedee Mante (attributed to) Odalisque with Playing Cards, Autochrome, 1912

Anonymous , Study of Nude Autochrome, 1910

Anonymous , Study of Nude Autochrome, 1910

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